Lab Post #1 (8/25/16)

Hello world!

Our project is all about discovering what happens when you genetically modify yeast and put it under stressful situations, specifically with a shortage of glucose and different pH levels. Before we become mad scientists and mess with DNA, we did some research on which genes do what. In the PowerPoint below, we explain what genes we’re testing and what they do. We plan on having 3 strains of the yeast: one missing the SAK1 gene, one missing the TOS3 gene, and one where both genes are still present (this will be our control). All the strains will be slightly starved at room temperature. The only difference will be what pH each sample will be in. We hypothesize that, under the same conditions, yeast that lack the TOS3 gene will grow faster than yeast that lacks the SAK1 gene. That’s about it for now. We’ll keep you posted on all the fun stuff.



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