Lab Post #14 (10/12/16)

Today we are designing the 2D model for our wax paper assay and the 3D model for our PDSM assay.

The 2D model was designed on illustrator:

Displaying 8star-01.jpg



On the wax paper assay will have have one star for each strain of yeast (Wild Type, SAK1, and TOS3 D) with three replicates each for a total of 9 stars.


The 3D model was designed on Tinkercad. We had to take in account the output rate of CO2 in metabolizing yeast at 30°C to decide what diameter and height of the channel of the measuring end of the manometer should be. The goal is to find a optimum diameter and height where the manometer can be read easily but also the manometer remains functional. We decided to work with the dimensions of 1.8mm in diameter and 70mm in height. If the reservoir for the yeast of our model is completely saturated and the experiment ran for 70 minutes then that would make the manometer theoretically move 7000cm given diameter, but if we bring yeast concentration down a magnitude of 10^(-2) from complete saturation, then manometer will work within the space we have.


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