Lab Post #15 (10/17/16)

Today we had our first presentation in the Chemistry section of the lab. We uploaded our 3D model to the class Box. We also created a mass batch of YPD, using 20 grams of dextrose, 20 grams of peptone, and 10 grams of Yeast Extract, filling up the rest of the bottle to 1 Liter with distilled water and sent it to be autoclaved. We also printed out our wax paper assay and put it in a hot plate set at 100 degrees Celsius to melt the wax through to the other side of the paper. After about an hour, we removed the wax assay from the hot plate to check how much the wax melted through. We noticed that the wax did not melt all the way through towards the ends, so we stuck it in an oven. However, there was a problem with the design in that some wells in the starburst had wider openings than others. We’ll try to fix it, but if it’s impossible, we’ll just roll with it.

We decided to wait until next class before adjusting the pH in the autoclaved YPD solution due to time constraints. We also researched how we would dissolve the PLA filaments from the 3D Printer so that the PDMS would be the only thing left. We’ll either use something called MEK (methyl ethyl keystone) or Hair and Grease Remover. We could also use ethylene oxide; we are still debating what we are going to do. Also, we continued to modify our 3D Design before sending it off to the Printer. We’ll meet with our connection in the Media Lab in order to confirm our design is viable. That’s all folks!

Presentation Link:


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