Lab Post #16 (10/19/16)

Today we will be printing a test mini-manometer, it will be printed in three pieces. The tube, the square well, and the holding box for the PDMS. To eat away at the 3D printed model MEK (Methylethylkeytone or Butanone) or hair and grease drain cleaner depending on price.

Displaying IMG_5326.JPG

Researcher, creating 3D model on tinker-CAD.



well boxIMG_5328.JPGPDMS holder (printed horizontally for printerIMG_5329.JPG

For our 2D design, we are considering different methods of sterilization for the parafilm and filter paper based design we created. UV sterilization and ethylene oxide are currently being considered to sterilize the filter paper before parafilm attachment ((melted based onSimple and rapid fabrication of paper microfluidic devices utilizing Parafilm by Nathalie Horner)). The parafilm barrier was successful however the wax print needs a barrier to prevent running into the starburst’s branches. We will be trying a new method where  the arms are physically separated then reattached when gel is solidified.



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