Lab Post #17 (10/24/2016)


During last lab period we ordered a 3D print of a test mini-manometer and a box for it. Today we only received the box because Morgan canceled the rest of our prints due to the walls being too thin and the box breaking. We enlarged the dimensions of the prints (the borders of the larger box were increased from .5 mm to 5mm and the borders for the smaller box were increased by from .5mm to 2mm) and expect to receive them by next class period.

This is our test print for the box which ended up breaking
This is our new bottom half of the manometer with increased thickness
This is our new top half of the manometer with increased thickness


This is the new box for our manometer/PDMS with increased thickness


In respect to the second test – the test of yeast growth on paper – the parafilm barrier worked perfectly in regards to keeping the YPD from going through the paper as shown before.thumbnail_IMG_6575.jpg

However, we decided to cut each of the branches of the starburst separately because there is no barrier in the filter paper that would stop the YPD from each pH (branch) from mixing with each other, which would ruin our idea of keeping a neutral center. This was due to the fact that our YPD was very liquid.

The YPD was very liquid and was bleeding through to other channels of the starburst

We encountered a few issues regarding the making of solid media, which delayed us in the process of laying the media on the respective branches and stopping it from moving into other branches. However, we were able to fix the viscosity of our YPD by microwaving it for 30 seconds and so we realized that we no longer need to cut and separate the different branches from each other.

The solid YPD was more viscous and didn’t flow

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