Lab Post #18 (10/26/16)

Today we presented our progress thus far to the class. We talked about the edits we made to our 3D print designs and the issues we had with the viscosity of the YPD on the starbursts.

Here is the link to our presentation:

We got the 3D prints of our test manometer today. This is what it looked like:

The 3D test print of the top and bottom halves of the manometer

We will be reprinting the manometer as one single piece in order to use it for next class.

Todays focus was on our wax paper design. We printed a smaller starburst and placed the solid YPD onto the different channels. We kept the environment sterile with an ethanol burner and a UV light.


Then, to contain the yeast in a sterile environment as it grows, we placed the paper in a petri dish.


We noticed from the presentations of other groups that people were having an issue with their yeast drying out because they need to maintain moisture in their environments. To help this, we pipetted distilled water into the spaces between the channels. We hope to observe growth in our yeast next class without it drying out. We incubated the plate at 30 degrees Celsius.

Here, we were pipetting water into the spaces between the pH channels.

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