Lab Post #20 (11/02/16)

Today we started lab by checking on our PDMS mold that we set during last lab. When we got back the mold. All PDMS was gone from inside of our 3D print and the outside of the print had a new slimy texture. We believe that for some reason, our 3D printed mold was slightly porous, enough to allow the PDMS to soak into the walls and move out of the mold.

That being said, our new 3D mold print design should solve that problem. The new design is to print the mold into two separate halves. That will allow us to line the inside of our mold with cellophane so when we pour the PDMS, it should not be able to seep through.

We also wanted to test a new novel idea at dissolving the 3D printer polymer. We placed a piece of scrap polymer and PDMS into a beaker of DRAINO and allowed it to sit. We did the same thing with 3M NaOH, and acrylic liquid weld instead of DRAINO to compare how each would affect the scrap polymer and PDMS from the time of now till next lab. After 20 minutes the acrylic liquid weld almost completely dissolved the polymer. By 25 minutes it was completely gone and the pdms was still the same as it was before.

Displaying IMG_1916.JPG
Acrylic Liquid Weld

Our goal for the rest of the day is to complete set up for our 2D assay. We printed 6 wax paper starbursts (2 replicates) and placed parafilm and solid ypd onto each. We then inoculated the yeast and put the wax papers in petri dishes and then it all went into a ziplock bag with wet paper towels to prevent drying out. The plan is to incubate every starburst and check growth on Monday.

Optical density of yeast today :  .5413 SAK1

Optical density of yeast today: .7345 TOS3

Optical density of yeast today: Unknown Wild Type



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