Lab Post #23 (11/14/16)

Due to some issues with growing the yeast, we decided that we would rather focus our research project on trying to find out if yeast can be grown in our analytical template. In order to do so, we are using the same model of the starburst to test different amounts of agar: 375 uL, 325 uL, and 350 uL with four replicates each.

As observed in the images below, we tested each amount twice, so as to obtain as much accurate results as we possibly can.

We inoculated 15 uL of yeast in each arm of the starburst.


In regards to the 3D design, the PLA (plastic polymer used to make the 3D print) within the PDMS has not yet been dissolved by the acrylic liquid weld because the surface area of the channel is way too small for the acrylic liquid weld to enter and dissolve it. Because of this, submerged the PDMS into a few microliters of acrylic liquid weld and let it sit for 2 days.


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