Lab Post #24 (11/16/16)

Today we observed our starbursts that we inoculated last class. All three YPD amounts (325uL, 350uL, and 375uL) had nearly equal amounts of yeast growth.

One of our plates which displayed yeast growth. Going clockwise they are 325uL, 325uL, 350uL, 350uL, 375uL, and 375uL.

Because each YPD density experienced similar growth, today we will be replicating the experiment with solely 325uL of YPD on each arm of the starburst. We chose this amount because it was the easiest to plate on the starbursts and therefore optimal. We also will be testing the functionality of the design by inoculating 20uL of yeast in the center of the starburst in hopes that it will experience outward growth in all channels.

Plating two new starbursts with 325uL of YPD in each arm and 20uL of yeast in the center.

We also looked at our 3D print today which sadly did not have as good results. The acrylic liquid weld was not successful in dissolving the PLA in the PDMS mold. Because of this we considered cutting it open and manually taking out the 3D print and the gluing it together but the PDMS was harmed in the process and therefore we had to end this portion of our experiment.

Our PDMS mold with the PLA manually cut out.



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